Workwear Southend

Pauls Discount has come a long way from opening to selling workwear Southend.

In 1975 Paul opened up as a small hardware store selling clothing, footwear, and household bits but after a short time was asked for school trousers and school jumpers, as time went on he found himself as a small local school uniform shop so started selling other colours and garments.

After moving over the road and eventually turning that into a double shop Paul hit the ground running in the 80s, local schools started recommending the shop and even gave permission for Paul to sell the logo, this was a new market and affected the summer holidays making it very busy in those 6 weeks – and so began the pattern.

Pauls wife Marlene and kids Sarah, Michael and Lisa would all help. During the busy time making it a true family affair that the public really warmed to and invested in. Creating a relationship that would see them through for years to come…

Workwear Southend

Workwear Southend

In 2014 investments went further into embroidery machines, turning out to be a market that had been sitting there waiting. Within days of the machines being fully up and running. Our first customer purchase was some Hi-Vis vests on which we use embroidery for the first time. Since then we have developed a fully working department which sees businesses and schools thrive on. Our quick turnaround speaks for itself and with it now being accessible online takes us to that ‘next level’ of service.

The old site served its purpose but it was time for another change and after 2 years in production we’re so proud and excited to have this new site up & running, we’re hoping its fun, easy to use and does everything you need it to.

Over the years and alongside school uniform we have built up a large range of workwear and safety footwear, everything from

and amazing range of boots from a cheap n cheerful £18.99 Chukka to our new Dewalt range.

In 2020 there are more exciting plans as we move forward so please like our Facebook page for updates and news.

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Workwear Southend

Just after the millennium the shop went under a huge facelift and was an actual shopfront with windows! It took us to the next level. with the introduction of the new shop, Workwear sales went through the roof and we continue to supply workwear throughout Southend to businesses and tradesmen. We also have a healthy stock of healthcare workwear!

As the 90s came along it was Michael that took a real shine to the retail side of things and came in after school and at weekends. At 16 Michael fell out of school straight into DJ-ing. At this time the shop had half a dozen schools using our supplies.

By 2010 Pauls had over doubled the amount of workwear they were supplying. Michael impressed Paul by breathing new life into the business back in 2012. By introducing a basic self-built website showing off the schools as a ‘workwear online catalogue’. Two years later implementing a full e-commerce site selling uniform and workwear which we ran for 5 years.

Take a Look.

Take A Look At Our Hi-Vis Workwear
Workwear Southend

Finally, after 45 years in business and with all that history, if you are someone that uses our shop online or with us in-store then we’d like to take this opportunity to not only say a huge thank you but tell you that we would genuinely not be here without you. So, if you’re in need of Workwear Southend, look no further than Paul’s Discount!


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